Gratitude-October (16)

-For the complimentary 3-day pass to the Digital Hollywood Conference. Met smart, passionate, generous people. Attended 3 panels. One about AR (Augmented Reality)/MR (Mixed Reality), one about Social Data and Social Reach in partnership with Hollywood, and the last one was AR/MR in Hollywood and Advertising. Good info in all. Thanks to all the panelists who participated and shared their knowledge/expertise.

-For Amanda who hooked me up with the ticket.
-For K. Jullien for making it happen for us. Very nice.

-For learning things that shifted my way of thinking about storytelling. Ex. Instead of storytelling. Story making. (Thanks Rob!) Now the question is how to create content (story form) for AR? That’s something I’d like to do.

-For learning about data collecting and how it’s utilized in marketing, with brands, with influencers. My favorite panel today.

-For Amanda (again) who told me my brand right away when I asked her while she was driving us back to the apartment. Apparently my brand is Charity, Transparency, Community. She rattled them off so fast I had to ask her to repeat them so I could write them down as to not forget. I just couldn’t think that way and now I understand/accept the concept a bit more. I’ve been confused about the term forever. I didn’t like the idea of branding people. I can understand things/services being brands but not people. I think about branding people as like almost a literal brand on us. Being property and for sale, like cattle, slaves, war prisoners. I know, I know. Dark. But after today I’m opening up and thinking about things differently.

-For The Skirball Cultural Center for being a nice venue. The staff and security were A+ Awesome. Helpful. Skirball_Evergreen_50_10.16.18

-For T. for sharing and informing me of where she’s at. I wish her good luck with everything.
-For my Piano Ballads playlist on Spotify. Love relationship based music. Truly love it!
-For myself for making big changes in my life in the last 2 days.

Me_Day1_Digital Hollywood_Classic_10.16.18

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂



Gratitude-October (15)

For Monica for inviting me on to a fun shoot. For all involved, Nikki, Franceli, and Chris. Good times.
-For a good lunch.
-For the invigorating feeling of being on set again. I love making movies. I love it.
-For recognizing imbalance in a relationship and holding the space of love for this blessed love.
-Accepting my feelings as they come. Then allowing them to pass on through. Fuck repression.
-For my intuition. If my intuition was a person I’d be giving them a HIGH FIVE right now. haha
-For a roof over my head.
-For quietness and my own energy
-For getting stuff done. Tasks completed. I’ve had an incredibly productive day. I need to wind down and recognize I’ve done enough. It’s time to relax.
-For not fasting today and eating more than I normally do. The changes. The really feeling new energy and new life flowing through me is welcome yet with all change, (especially for your Taurus here), it can be unsettling. Not scary per se. The letting go of the past (the end of a cycle) and knowing that things will be different from here on out. I feel brand new. Evan Welcome_Blossom_10.15.18

I am feeling really good and I am thankful for this time and place in my life at this moment. The present. The gift.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂



Kenya Girl’s School Upgrades

A friend of mine named Brett Serwalt is helping fundraise for a school in Kenya that he works with. If you’re able to please share around. Thank you!

The Akili Girl’s Prep School  in the rural village of Obambo, Kenya , is a boarding school with over 75 beautiful young learners from the nearby Obunga slum. Akili is a special place, offering free quality education in a safe and nuturing environment from kindergarten through year six.

Gratitude-October (14)

-For Jessica. Great visit. Perfect mediator. Lovingly effortlessly holding space. Friendship.
-For Moon. Clearing the air more. Understanding.

-For myself for being a good communicator. For passing through my frustration and tears, and in the release, feeling peace. Like complete peace through my body/energy field. Lovely. I had realizations about why I was hit by that car. I’ve been asking and asking why? It was definitely about slowing down. To be mindful. To be careful with my steps. To look around. To appreciate my health. The body. Time. Healing. Today though, today I had the realization that it’s changed my life and day to day for a reason. It was like a reset/update.
Even though I felt like things were improving in my life, (they were), some of my patterns of living weren’t serving me any longer. Because I immediately wanted to get better/heal as fast as possible, I started eating better. Asking my body what it needed. Paying attention to how I felt after I ate. Drinking more water, eating vegetables daily, no more dairy, cut back on sugar. A couple of weeks ago I stopped eating candy, donuts. I stopped eating chocolate. I still have a sweet tooth so I did buy a small sock-it-to-me cake but I ate it over the course of days not in a single night. Today I got these cinnamon sliced loaf cakes. But again, I didn’t eat them all. This week I’ll be prioritizing water intake/hydration. But yeh. I can see clearly how much diet has changed because I wanted to heal and be able to walk around, hike down the trail at the Observatory, and just wander around. So what I’m thinking is that it’s not the time to wander so much. It’s time to sit down, be mindful, and do the work I know to do to better my life/life situation. So yeh, I’m thankful for the insight and the review of recent events.

-For art. Practicing art.
-For a roof over my head.
-For letting go of past attitudes and experiences that don’t serve anything anymore. Just letting things go, you know?
-For Tani for helping me see more clearly. My vision is like new. Fresh eyes.
-For Jess for making “I love you” so easy to express verbally. I’m much happier for it.
-Archive of Our Own and all the writers who contribute.
-Life itself. Now.


For those in need.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂



please be free please be light please be home within your heart. please enjoy the day please enjoy the night please be love please make love please do the right thing and please enjoy your life please enjoy your wife please enjoy your partner please enjoy your spouse please enjoy your husband please enjoy your friends please enjoy your children. Please yourself darlings. Please yourself darling.
Please your Self.

Gratitude-October (13)

-the public library system
-water, vita water. Working on staying hydrated
-DOCTOR WHO. The 13th Doctor (Woot woot Jodie) is just making life better. I’ve seen 11×01 three times this week. I had a lively discussing with my Auntie Deb about it today. Looking for debriefing every week and fanboying with her over the next several weeks. What a great way to enjoy the rest of the year.
-messaging with Jess
-journaling legit
-reassurance that everything is happening for the highest good
-clarity and insight
-t-b-a for being a catalyst in my spiritual development-myself for finally going through my email. Sorting. Organizing. Deleting. I had over 1300 emails in my primary inbox going back to December 20th of last year! Obviously I’d been putting off. It took me almost 3 hours to get it done but it’s done! I feel sooooo much better/on top of things.
**If you have a lot of email and if you have a touch tablet of some sort I find it easier to use that than a phone or a computer to label, archive, move into folders.

feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂