A Swift Reckoning + Liberty and Justice For All

All people who are against the health, happiness, freedom, and overall well being of fellow beings sharing space on this magnificent planet we call Earth, may they reap what they sow directly. May it be a swift reckoning, and may those of us who believe in fellowship, every action be in alignment with the ever present promise of liberty and justice for all.

Inspired by Celie from Alice Walker’s, The Color Purple.

“Everything you done to me, already done to you.”


Thank You, Salma Hayek For Telling

I love the movie Frida. I love what I do know of Frida Kahlo and to see her work and be witness to some of the history of her life has been essential to my development as a human being and an artist. I’m happy the movie was made. I am proud of Salma Hayek for her incredible performance, and have a new found appreciation and respect for the film.

I would love to be articulate and write something meaningful here, through these tears and rage I feel for all that Salma Hayek and the many other women who have come forward and for all who aren’t able to, who have endured and survived, but I don’t have the words for the grief and anger I feel. It’s too much. Too much.

These are Salma’s words. This is one part of her story. One part of a whole story that we are telling ourselves and learning from. Thankfully.


I’m going to put this here because we are capable of dealing with/learning about the complexities of intersectional feminism. These are interrelated. This occurred earlier this year, January 2017. “Jessica Williams Speaks on What a Black Woman Deals With Every Day, and Salma Hayek Has a Hard Time Listening.”