Gratitude-January (11-14)

-Bright, Sherlock
-B99, The Good Place
-Sketchbook, pencil, pen
-shot day
-the hellsite
-non judgement
-lactose free cookies and cream icecream
-The Complete Cookie
-New Age Piano Radio Station on Pandora
-all the astrology information on the world wide web
-active imagination
-good mood overall. It’s been nice.
-the feeling of missing someone and knowing you’ll get to see them soon. I’m lucky.

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Gratitude-January (7-10)


-For the new addition to our household. Even though there’s 4 of us now, Javi is good people. Good energy. Super happy about this.
-Halls lozenges being on sale just as my throat started being sore.
-Moon and Javi for making me a Vegan version of the breakfast dish they made.
-Gery for inspiring me creatively, and making me think about identity,, heritage, queerness in new ways.
-Ideas, ideas, ideas. Looking forward to continuing to explore and create. Writing is going well.
-art practice
-Being witness to creativity pretty much daily. Danny, Moon, and J all play guitar. I’m just learning. They are supportive and encouraging and it means a lot to me.
-the energy of creation. the feeling of something new being brought into the world
-Myself for not wavering in a conversation with someone who I wanted to like me. I said something that they objected to but I know is absolutely true for me and I was able to express myself and stand in that truth and we moved on.
-Honestly, I am grateful for this every day but in the last few days in particular, electronic communication has been much appreciated. Ex. iMessage, texts, emails, private messages etc.
-Music. Specifically the Across The Universe soundtrack. I’ve been listening to it pretty steadily. Makes me happy.
-Sock It To Me pudding ring. It’s like a pound cake sort of. So good.
-My Kindle. Again I use it pretty much daily but I love it and am glad I have one.
-For the series, Avatar: The Last  Airbender keeping me company while my body has been healing.

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Gratitude-January (5/6)

-Being witness to my friend writing a song/rap.
-Keeping up with my modest resolutions regarding watching new movies and reading screenplays.
-Sleep. I slept 9 hours last night. Which is twice as long as I’ve managed all week.
-Productivity. Hope. Effort. Belief.
– fan fic
-hot pants
-fresh underwear and socks
-Essential oils. Specifically lemon, lavender, peppermint mix.
Capricorn New Moon. Glad I checked.
out with G. New friend

Share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 😊