What I’ve Learned/What I Know

What I’ve Learned in the past 6 or so months and what I know. Written in a stream of consciousness flow.
“All in”
Recognition of the Divine
Recognition of God
What is heaven sent
What is for me is for me
What isn’t for me isn’t for me
Divine Justice
Divine timing
My light
My light in the world is necessary
Facing the unknown
There is no unknown
That it’s okay to let go
How strong I am
How loving I am
How beautiful I am
How my main interests are love and experiences.
To trust myself
I (can) make good decisions
Knowing what I know.
Knowing what I don’t know
Clarity comes in time
Truth cuts through confusion and illusion
The importance of listening
Allowing spontaneous love
Expressing love. This was the major healing for me. That I can express my whole self and not be ridiculed or dismissed as dramatic. My confidence and security that I possess today stem from this healing.
My needs are important
I have an incredible amount of love to give. I honor this. I value this in myself.
I (deserve) love because I exist. I am loved beyond measure. We are loved beyond measure. This I know.
Love is the most important thing to me.
Only love is real.
Building and creating a life of wellness, prosperity is important to me.
I desire creative partnership/creative partnerships. A person/people excited to create with me.
I am wise, strong, valuable, and bring goodness to every situation and environment I am in.
I am involved in a lot of long-term loving friendships/relationships
Some people may not understand me and that’s okay.
Being understood is not a requisite for being loved.
Understanding is not a prerequisite for love.
Love is most important
To recognize how secretive I am about the challenging situations I face yet as the same time I am very much open.
I value emotional intelligence and I’ve been consciously working towards it/on it for over 20 years now.
Fortune favors the brave
Sometimes life knocks me down but I get right back up and heal. Mostly with “a little help from my friends” and family.
I (de)serve love.
I don’t have to sacrifice love for my career, purpose, mission.
I can take care of other beings as I take care of myself.
Financial abundance and independence is important to me.
I don’t have to go it alone.
I am not alone.
I am well loved.
It’s okay to start again/start over.
It’s okay to walk away from people and situations that don’t serve my highest good.
To be thankful and grateful and to see the good in every day
I am disciplined and determined and tenacious and a hard worker
That lightening up is a good thing. And I need to do it more and more.
Not knowing is okay.
There are no guarantees
Things will be  okay
Healing is possible
Putting into practice what I know.
It’s challenging sometimes to put in practice what I know and what I’ve learned.
There are people around me who are jealous, insecure, and afraid. And that it’s nothing new for me to be around. It’s a reality (a gift?) from the woman whose womb I grew in)
A little goes a long way.  Imagine what a lot will do?!!!
It’s time to shine my light in the world because the world needs me to. The world needs all of our loves and lights right now.  Illuminated Intelligence.
I love seeing people (I know and don’t know) get the things they want in life.
I love other people’s joy and happiness.
Parental loss changes us as people. So many of us have lost a parent or parents in death, absence, neglect. It’s not something we ever “get over”. It’s something we survive and live through.
Kindness matters. Kindness always matters.
People I don’t even know love and like me.
I am loved and liked.
I love and like myself. A lot😁
Jealousy separates people.
Hurt people hurt people.
Ask questions. Don’t assume.
Some questions may not be answered and that’s okay.
To trust myself.
To encourage and be encouraged
Take the lessons of the past, the things I’ve learned, and leave the rest.
The past is not to be used as a reference point. When faced with something new, new actions are required.
To create something new, creativity, risk, bravery are necessary.
To acknowledge the present moment.
That it’s okay to drift and dream.
To feel good. It’s okay to feel good. Everybody is free to feel good.
I can’t save people.
I have no interest in saving people.
I honor people’s sovereignty.
I owe no one anything. I don’t owe anyone anything. Only what is freely given.
I love music. A rediscovery of how much I love, enjoy and need music in my life.
I love storytelling. Without stories in all fashions and aspects, life would be meaningless.
I deny myself pleasure which leads to overindulging in other ways or parts of my life.
Healing takes time.
Time is a healer.
I see potential with ease.
I am easily appeased.
I forgive easily. Most of the time.
It’s okay to forgive and not want to share my life with the person or people.
Optimism is as important as seeing things as they are now.
Opposing views and/or multiple views exist at the same time.
There are many ways to look at the same thing/issue/situation.
I will always (eventually) choose what’s right and best for me.
My friends help me see.
To ask is to receive and that sometimes the answer is no but a yes will come from somewhere else.
I am powerful. I am powerful.
I am responsible for myself.
When someone offers me a place to stay, to live, to grow, say yes.
When someone says I have to go or I’m not welcome anymore, go with love, thanks, and grace.
I am honest.
I value honesty.
I can admit mistakes
I am lucky
I am fortunate
I am always ready for something good/something better.
Change is challenging for me no matter if it’s good or not so good.
I am blessed.
I love, value, and accept myself.
I love newness.
I love meeting new people.
I love doing stuff I’ve never done before.
Preparing food for myself is the ultimate self love.
I don’t need as much food as I think I do.
Dogs are the best!
I love marijuana a lot lot lot and that breaks from usage are good/beneficial for me.
I like and prefer light in my living space
I love my bike and night rides. I can’t wait to always have the option.
I dig a room and bathroom of my own.
That though I have very few material possessions sometimes I want to see them all around me for comfort.
I am always trying to make myself feel better/feel good.
I have lots of ideas and thoughts
It behooves me to write them down or speak them into a recorder so they move beyond the invisible inner world to the physical world or sound, sight, and touch.
Learning things makes me happy.
Wandering around grocery stores at night bring me comfort, relaxation, and routine.
I thrive on simple routines.
I am disciplined.
Doing the things that need to be done feels better than not doing them.

Peace all to have made it to the end of this list. Much love and appreciation to me.

I have a need to be witnessed. Seen. Heard.



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