Gratitude For The Day

1) The Twilight Saga (Movies) keeping me company this week while I edit and mess around on the internet
2) Amara for helping me make subtitles
3) my Aunt and Uncle for being
4) my friends. Especially those who have been checking in with me recently. Thank you for your patience in regards to my responses and response time
5) my body
6) my body’s ability to heal. I am so thankful for this gift
7) my piss poor whiny mood today that prompted me to get back to my gratitude list
8) the immeasurable benefits of counting blessings
9) Pandora’s Christian Contemporary Station and the cleaning lady for blasting it while doing her work 🙂
10) the awesome theater surround system I helped calibrate
11) ginger ale to settle my upset tummy
12) chewy chocolate chip cookies. I’ve had so many chocolate chip cookies in the last 3 days it’s borderline disgusting ha ha
13) digital media and the tools to manipulate and create content
14) digital communication
15) breath
16) music
17) the smiling Buddha 😀
18) the reality of receiving a gift I’ve wanted for so long